Best Django Course

Best Django Course

We’ve all been to that point in time where we did something to save time remember? Perhaps you copied your friend’s homework or took inspiration from someone else’s work to create your work, It’s all understandable. Coding is perhaps one of the most tedious workaround as we have to code thousands of strings of code every day. What if I told you through a way, I can reduce your workload! That’s why today I’m here to inform you about an amazing application that will reduce both your stress and pressure significantly. This thing that will reduce your pains are called Django. It’s a framework for python. And today we will be going in-depth to learn about what Django is, what are the advantages of learning Django, from where you can learn Django What are some of the best courses around for learning Django and all other tidbits. So, without further interruption let’s find out what are some of the best Django courses and where can you learn them! 

What is Django?

Django is afree python web framework that’s used for rapid development, maintenance, website security and much more. A website application framework is basically a toolkit that holds all the necessary components for application development. The main target of Django is to let the developer focus on components that are new rather than focusing on what has already been developed. Django is perhaps the most full-fledged framework available on the market. Some of the most annoying things about web developing are taken care of by Django such as rewriting previously written codes and creating models that were created before.As this takes care of some of the most annoying hinderances, Django allows developers to focus more on the components that are new or will be created anew to make them perfect.

Why you should learn Django

So, as you’ve learned about what Django is now you might have a question in mind about why in the world do, we use Django in specific. Don’t worry I have that covered too. You see the thing about Django is it’s fast and simple rather than being complex. That’s why even most of the world’s best web developers suggest using Django. Django follows a principle called the principles of rapid development. If you aren’t aware of this then this means it allows the user to create more than one iteration of a component instantly instead of starting it from scratch. For this, the developers are relieved from much of the workload and can get their work out in the market much earlier than scheduled. Another prized fact about Django is that it prioritizes security a lot. So much so that some people even claim it to have one the best unique security systems out there. It helps developers counter problems such as clickjacking,cross-site scripting,andSQL injection. Django also releases security patches regularly. Django is a tested framework both in terms of time and person. You can find Django supportive community throughout the internet anywhere from a forum to a YouTube channel you name it.That’s why it’s very easy to look for solutions to problems you don’t know the answer to! You can easily reach out to anyone for help. Django started its journey being touted as the best open-source framework and it still maintains that position. You don’t need to worry about any issues regarding the framework because as soon as a situation arises, they neutralize any problems related to it. Software’s and packages are updated daily to provide you with the best possible experience

Things to do with Django

Okay, so you now know why Django is the best and why you should use it blab la whatever! I want to include a fun topic now. It’s about the things you can do if you learned Django! Can’t wait to know? Neither can I!   It is amazing at handling projects with a ton of media files and heavy traffic.Anything that works like a web-based newspaper or a web periodical portal. But this isn’t the only applicable area of Django in-fact there’s a lot more. For example, Django is also used to build Finance related applications, Healthcare applications, E-commerce websites, Social media websites and much more. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to build using Django.

  • Financial platforms that include features such as analyzing and calculating results based on data, risk factor, the chance of achieving targeted goal.
  • Building custom CRM systems for data to be handled internally.
  •  Issuing B2B CRM systems to handle communication between two or more businesses.
  • Platforms that enable connections betweenpeople, such as anentrepreneur and an investor.
  • Engines and shopping platforms that can take high loads.

How much can I earn?

Now onto another more fun topic for you to read through! It’s all about money here! Let’s face it no matter what we do the basic reasoning for that is money every time right? We need a good amount of money to take care of our family and handle the costs. Learning Django might just be the solution to your money related problems. As for the most part, a developer that uses Django is paid in a handsome 6 figure salary! According to Indeed, salaries range from 80,000$ up to 212,000 a year with 119,106$ being the average figure. This is just an example. Companies like Google, Instagram pay a lot more and to get into those companies you don’t even need a degree! It all depends on your capabilities. So, if you have the skills then joining companies like Google is a piece of cake. But wait you might be thinking how can I learn Django? Don’t you worry at all! Down below you’ll find my in-depth review of the four best online courses to learn Django.

Critical review

Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp


Just like its name the course offers you a Bootcamp through which you will be taken onto a journey where people are taught all the basic need-to-knows of not only Django but also python. This course has a runtime of 32 hours and 54 minutes with almost 200 lectures. And in terms of quality this without a doubt the best course to learn Django on Udemy or anywhere else. This course ventures through nearly all of the difficult courses and tackles them with ease. You’ll never feel bored for a single moment throughout the journey of this course as you can learn new stuff for every second of almost all the duration of the course. Besides, this course also teaches you front end technologies like HTML, CSS. Throughout your learning, this course acts as a good reference for upcoming developers as well as veterans who are looking to fill in their gaps. Besides, it’s awesome lectures the course also has projects for you to try and get better. No wonder this is one of the best-Selling courses on Django by Udemy.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you have any prior experience with anything related to web developing. This course teaches you everything from scratch. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection and you’ll be set to go.

Topics to learn

This course teaches so much that if I had to write about it, I would have had to start another article! So, I’ll just highlight some of the best things you’ll learn from here.

  • Creating web sites using Django 1.11.
  • Learning to use HTML for creating website content.
  • Using CSS for creating create beautifully styled sites.
  • Learning to take advantage of bootstraps.
  • learning HTTP requests.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Create web applications with python and Django.
  • Using Django to make back ends for the website.

Buyers Feedback

  • Bestseller.
  • 92,923 students enrolled which is the largest number for a Django course.
  • Rate 4.5 out of 5 by over 22,000 reviewers.
  • Over 58% 5-star reviews.

Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp


This course takes a different approach than the first one as it prioritizes most in teaching you Django 2.2 besides teaching all other necessities of Django.  This course doesn’t drag itself to have bigger lectures rather it follows a strict limit learning process which is good in the sense that the views aren’t buffeted with things that the person doesn’t need to know. This course also provides you with the opportunity to create 3 websites, each of them different in their way. This course is unique in the sense that it presents the user with different types of quizzes and exercises and that’s how the course ensures that the viewer does indeed learn what they are seeing. This brilliant format also allows the viewer to learn and not just follow the steps. They also have a python refresher course that allows the user to know the basics of python through which Django will be taught. Overall, it’s a good course for learning Django.


This course doesn’t need any previous experience in coding though it’d be a plus if a person knows. Because some of the topics might be a bit stingy to a person if they don’t know coding.  A computer and Internet connection is necessary though.

Topics to learn

Among the diverse list of things to learn here are some of the highlights

  • Building websites using Django.
  • Learning how Django saves time in web development.
  • Creating Stunning websites using Bootcamp.
  • Creating a product hunting clone.
  • Publishing websites online with Digital Ocean.

Buyers Feedback

  • More than 14,400 students enrolled.
  • Rated 4.6 out of 5 by over 3500 ratings.
  • Over 62% 5-star ratings.

Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced


This course truly is a piece of art itself. I still can’t believe how easily it enables the viewer to build applications using Django. Not only my word but that’s also the community’s word as most of them are satisfied with this course. This course covers everything from creating an advanced REST API with Python to Docker using Test Driven Development. It has a total of 79 lectures and 8 hours of run time. Which might not be the lengthiest but it covers all you need to know within these 8 hours. But there’s a tiny problem. You need to know the basics of Django as this course states in its title that it’s an advanced course. Excluding that small part this course truly a masterpiece created by mark and Brooke.  This is a hands-on course that prioritizes practical learning more than theoretical learning. And overall, it’s worth the money.


This course has a few things that are needed to check down below!

  • Knowing the basics of programming.
  • Knowing what Django is.
  • Comfortable with using CMD
  • Windows, Mac or Linux as your operating system. With the exclusion of Windows 10 Home.
  • Will and determination to learn!

Topics to learn

  • Practical experience with pep-8 and unit tests.
  • Optimizing Travis-ci to create automated code checks.
  • Creating a Rest API with complex features.
  • Making a python project with test-driven development.


Django is a wonder itself as it reduces both the time and effort of a developer. Which over time allows the developer to perfect his works and do more projects over time. It’s good for the developer as he can earn more in this way. What presented to you was a crumb trail for you to follow as you search to learn Django from the best possible source. We know how valuable every cent of your money is and that why we scouted out the best courses for you to learn Django. We can assure you that you’ll be more than happy upon completing these courses.

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