The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp

Web Development Bootcamp

Hey, there random person on the internet! I’m guessing you want to learn developing websites? By anyone or any means has the spark of developing websites ignited in yourself? Well, this article is for you then! Hold on tight as I take you through every bits and piece you need to know to kickstart your career as a web developer. I’ll give you an idea of What is web developing, how do web developers do their work, how much do they get paid, what are some of the advantages of learning web developing and how the complete 2020 web development Bootcamp course is the best course out there to learn web developing. So, sit back and relax as I try to explain to you why you need to join a web development Bootcamp and help you make your decision!

I don’t have the time!

So many of us get this question straight in the face. Why in the world do I need to learn web developing? I’ve got so much stuff to do wouldn’t it be time-consuming to learn amidst the daily hassle I face? Or you might just say that you do a tedious job and don’t have too much time for all these.  Now hold your wagon right there and let me explain why I think learning web developing might just be the turnaround your life needs! Yes, I know some of us might not have neither the time nor the energy to invest in a course like this. But hear me out as I explain to you why I believe not joining a web development Bootcamp might just be the biggest mistake you will make.

Don’t freak out upon seeing the term Bootcamp. No one is going to send you to the military! Let me explain. A web development Bootcamp is a technical training program that teaches you the programming skills employers look for. The web development Bootcamp focuses on students with very little coding proficiency to teach them the most important topics of web development and everything surrounding it. Its primary target is to get its viewer hired into companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Reasons to join a Web Developing Bootcamp

As 2019 is nearing to an end we can all agree on the fact that it has been a year of machine learning and also mobile operating system development. And as the new year draws closer each day the popularity of programming languages like python and JavaScript will be a frontrunner in the choice for developer tools of the Behemoths of the industry. As of December 2018, the number of internet users worldwide was almost 3.9 billion! That’s almost half of the population of the world. And ever since 2010 every year at least 200 million people have joined the internet. With all those statistics provided, you can do the math yourself whether or not there is any possibility of web development losing interest!

Here are some of my favorite reasons why I believe you need to begin learning Web development straight away!

  • JavaScript developers are some of the highest-paid developers in the world.
  • Most of the topmost companies don’t require you to have a degree to apply for a job! Rather they are more interested in your skillset.
  • Web developing isn’t a one-dimensional platform! Be a front-end, Back-end or do both and be a full stack developer!
  • Web developing is fun. You don’t need anyone else to do anything if you’re going solo. Just type the code and open it in a browser!

I want to join a Web Developing Bootcamp! What do I need?

If you’re in this part of the article then I’m confident that you might just be able to have what it takes to join a Bootcamp and be a web developer. But wait for a second, what are you saying? You’re not good at math? Or you don’t have all the fancy tools that the developers use? Who cares! You don’t need any of that trust me! Learning to develop codes is almost identical to going to Bootcamp. You know what a Bootcamp is right? You know the place where mostly elementary school kids go to learn things that might seem difficult but in reality, they are easier than anything. So, let’s break down what you’re going to need to become a web developer.

1.The Basic Things

Okay, a while back I said you don’t need anything. But come on you can’t learn web development on television, right? I know I’m bad at doing jokes but the message in that is all you need to know. First and foremost, you need a computer with preferably Windows or Mac as operating systems. You need to have an internet connection along with that. Why the connection I’ll explain in a bit. But first, let me explain to you why people don’t make it as web developers and what’s the most important prerequisite to have for learning web development. The answer to both of those questions is strong will. People often drop out of web developing because they think that they are not going anywhere with this. But what they lack is the urge to learn. They hunger for creativity. I’m sure that you have that both and even if you don’t, you’ll develop them over time as the rewards are worth it.

2. A web Development Bootcamp course

A web development Bootcamp course is probably the most important choice you need to make on your road to becoming a web developer. Don’t get me wrong just as there are millions of websites on the internet. There are thousands of tutorials to become a web developer. But as bitter might the truth sound, it’s true that about 95% of them aren’t worth your while. So how are you going to pick your desired course that is worth both your money and time? Well, I’m here for that, am I not? After scraping through what seemed like a trillion web development tutorials I finally found out which was the best that stood tall from the rest. It’s the highest-rated course from one of the most recognizable learning platforms. The course I’m talking about and recommending is from Udemy and its name is,

“The complete 2020 web Development Bootcamp”

complete web development bootcamp

Upon seeing the name, you might’ve scratched your head a bit asking yourself why did this guy recommends this course in specific? Well, don’t get confused! I’ve got an in-depth review of this course down below. Check it out!

Why this course?


This outstanding course called “The complete 2020 web development Bootcamp “was created by the lead instructor of London’s biggest in-person programming Bootcamp.  She is none other than the very talented Angela Yu. This course guarantees you that you can become a web developer with just one course and doesn’t exaggerate. Clocked at 50+ hours this course without a shadow of a doubt is perhaps the most comprehensive course out there. This course uses all the latest technology and it’s updated to the point that you’ll be learning the same tools that are being used in companies like Google and Apple. This course has a staggering 410 topic lecture which in timestamp is 52 hours and 35 minutes long! Not only that but it also boasts of diverse teaching topics such as learning simple topics like HTML to learning complex topics like Mongo DB and JavaScript ES6. Not only that by the end, of course, you’ll have a portfolio of over 25+ different websites to show to your potential new employer. I’d also like to say a few things about the instructor herself. She always makes it fun to learn and like magic she knows what questions are storming your mind during the lectures and answers them. So, in a way, it feels like a live class in itself.


  • A computer with an internet connection
  • No prior experience
  • Free software called Atom (Comes with the course itself)

Topics to learn

  • Learn to build any website you can think of.
  • Building websites and apps for business.
  • Learn the latest frameworks.
  • Master both frontend and backend development.
  • Learn all the necessary things that a web developer should know in 2020.

Buyers feedback

  • The highest-rated course in the history of Udemy.
  • Over 99,600 enrollments.
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 from over 27,500+ reviews.


Web developing isn’t the hardest thing to learn. But without determination and interest learning web developing seems as hard as climbing the Himalayas. Though no one can provide you with determination, Interest can be provided. And Angela’s course does exactly that. Rated as the highest but Udemy themselves there’s very little that can be said. But all I want to say is that if you buy this course, you’ll surely not regret it. And if you’re looking for jobs at some of the highest places imaginable, This course is a must-have.


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