What is The Fundamental Difference Between HTML and PHP?

Fundamental refers to essential part that works as a basic foundation of a system. It is required for groundwork to form the base.

HTML is a markup language
to build up web page and application. Front-end developers mostly use HTML for their work. Hypertext Markup Language code makes sure to format the text and image in the proper way so that your browsers show them in the organized way with proper look.

PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor required for developing dynamic websites, web applications, and static websites. It stands for Personal Home Page. It is a server side programming language. To interact with various languages on database it is largely used.

If you want to start your journey in programming language then you must start with HTML and later need to focus on PHP. Many find it difficult to learn at the very beginning but if you go through proper guidelines then surely you can be a good developer. Regular practice can ensure you to become more skilled. First of all you must learn HTML properly and after you become adept in learning that then should give concentration on PHP.

Key differences between HTML and PHP:

There are many differences between HTML and PHP. These include below:-

  • HTML is developed by Tim Berners Lee whereas PHP is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf.
  • Markup language is used in HTML where as Scripting language is used in PHP.
  • HTML determines the structure of web page for developers but PHP is used for server side script language to develop dynamic as well as static website and dynamic web application.
  • To do front end development HTML is used where as PHP is needed for back end development.
  • To format content in the website HTML is needed. On the other hand, PHP is required for making page functions the way user wants.
  • Inserting Texts, images, videos, hyperlinks are possible by HTML but data storing, retrieve, database connectivity are done by PHP.
  • If there is any mistake in PHP code then it will give any result but in HTML whatever you write down will get the output.
  • Front end developer uses AJAX integration for making dynamic website in HTML where as PHP also uses AJAX integration to create good website.
  • To make the text bold, highlight them with colors HTML is required but PHP is needed for email correspondence, file uploading and downloading and for web page generating etc.
  • To create dynamic website HTML is used and PHP is required for developing component which builds dynamic website.
  • Design of PHP is done for interacting with HTML but script of PHP might be incorporated with HTML without any error.
  • To run HTML local server is not required but PHP requires local host for running and execution.
  • Database integration is not possible in HTML. On the other hand, PHP can integrate the database.
  • To establish connections between various databases like MySQL, oracle PHP is required. But with HTML only dynamic front end page can be established.
  • Mastering in HTML is known as coder where as for PHP they are known as programmer.
  • Learning HTML is easier in comparison to PHP.
  • HTML helps to build the structure of website nicely and PHP helps to make it dynamic adding with great features.
  • Static codes are made in HTML and dynamic codes are made in PHP.
  • Use of PHP file is possible in HTML but use of HTML file is not possible in PHP.
  • Without any prior experience you can learn HTML but you have to learn HTML earlier to start PHP learning.
  • As the output is static in HTML so it remains same always. But output in PHP is dynamic so it varies based on different browsers.
  • HTML developers constantly work for improvements and PHP developers focus on developing new features and supports.
  • In HTML there is opportunity to modify anything if requires but nothing can be modified in PHP as it does not even allow to accept wrong logics.
  • HTML can be run in all browsers like mozila firefox, google chrome, windows explorer etc.  PHP can be run in windows, Linux etc.
  • HTML constantly updates the version. Present version of HTML is HTML5 Living Standard. PHP also gives high priority on updates. So, they have already launched 7.3 version
  • HTML works in the computer of a client whereas PHP works as per HTML written instructions to make the web page.
  • To control and organize the contents HTML is used.
  • HTML does not include PHP but PHM includes PHP and HTML code both.
  • PHP lets you collect user information, forum build up, edit any graphical works but HTML can not allow you to edit any graphical work.


The popularity of HTML and PHP is increasing day by day. Both of them are effective for making a website. There is huge competition in the market in terms of web development. So, visualizing the product or service by many companies’ website have to be perfect. That is why people want to make the website in a constructive way that might bring some innovations and customers can like it. To add more features PHP play vital role. These are the two reputed web languages. HTML can not handle heavy database so PHP plays vital role over there and they mostly require in online shopping stores or retail stores as there are abundant of data. PHP is somewhat complex compared to HTML because you will get a result always in HTML whatever you write but in PHP you can not get result if you make any error. If you think about compatibility then I must say HTML and PHP can be used in any browser. People are using these for more than 20 years. If you want to bring variation in your work then you should use them.

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